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Properties and applications of solid cardboard

Cardboard is the thickest single- and multi-layered paperboard material. We can distinguish between two basic types: solid board and corrugated board. They differ not only in their construction and properties, but above all in their application. In this article we will focus primarily on solid cardboard, which is produced by TOP SA.


The most important properties of solid cardboard

Solid cardboard is a completely ecological product, as it is made by recycling waste paper. It is safe for human health and the environment, as it contains no harmful substances such as heavy metals or formaldehydes. It is characterised by a very dense structure, so it is resistant to punctures. On the one hand, it is relatively rigid, so it can be used as a protective material for a wide variety of products, while on the other hand, it is flexible, so it can be customised without too much trouble. It can be folded and cut in any way you like. Good quality solid cardboard is characterised by its high puncture resistance, strength and durability.

The surface of solid cardboard is smooth. It shows a relatively high level of water resistance compared to other paper materials. For this reason, it can be used for storing and transporting goods in cold stores or freezers. It is also characterised by its relatively low thickness.

Solid paperboard applications

Solid cardboard is used primarily as a material for protecting various types of goods. It can also be used as interlayers for layers of goods. It is also used to make packaging, boxes, angles and sleeves. It is used for the production of upholstered furniture, cut-outs in the tailoring industry, as well as book covers or calendars (bookbinding cardboard).

TOP SA offers solid cardboard in sheets and rolls. Also available is sleeve cardboard with very high strength parameters, which is suitable even for very demanding lines.


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