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Waste paper recycling and its impact on the environment

Around 8,000 A4 sheets of paper are produced from a single felled tree. While this figure seems large, it is worth contrasting it with other statistics, such as the annual paper consumption of US offices alone, which is over 12 quintillion sheets per year and growing. This results in many trees having to be cut down even though more and more waste paper is being recycled.


How much is one sheet of paper worth?

It takes as much as... 5 litres of water to produce a sheet of A4 paper that is 0.1 mm thick. This figure surprises many people who do not realise how much resources are used in the production of a seemingly insignificant piece of white paper. Recycling waste paper, which is also part of our business, saves not only water, but also trees (approximately 17 cubic metres per tonne of recycled paper) and more than 2,500 litres of oil.


What do we owe to recycling waste paper?

Saving trees, water and oil are not the only benefits of paper recycling. Recycling recovered paper also saves electricity, with statistics on the actual gains varying depending on the source of information and ranging from a 40 to 64% reduction in electricity consumption. Another significant benefit is the minimisation of waste in landfills, although efforts in this area are still insufficient, as only half of the paper used in Poland is recycled. This statistic can be significantly improved, as demonstrated by the Scandinavian countries. Sweden, for example, is a case in point, with as much as 80% of waste paper being recycled. The global statistics are not overly satisfactory either, as the level is around 58%. So there is still a lot of work to be done.

Putting used paper in the appropriate waste containers is one of the simplest actions each of us can take to care for the environment. As you can see, even a single written sheet of paper matters, and producing it requires far more resources than most people realise.