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Solid cardboard angles - the main advantages

Solid cardboard is a material that is used to produce a wide variety of components used in many industries. Amongst other things, it is used to create cardboard angle brackets with very good strength properties. Find out about the main characteristics of cardboard angles and examples of their use.


What distinguishes cardboard angle sections?

Bevels are made from solid cardboard. TOP SA supplies this for its sleeve cardboard, which is used for the production of angle irons and also sleeves. Above all, it is a solid and strong paper, which is confirmed by the numerous tests it has been subjected to, including: tests for thickness, moisture content and breakability, the SCOTT BOND test, as well as BULK and COBB 60.

Due to the appropriate production and all tests confirming the high quality of solid cardboard, the angles manufactured from it show significantly better properties than other types of protective corners. For example, angles made from solid cardboard are significantly stronger than angles made from corrugated cardboard. Compared to foam angles, on the other hand, they show a much better ability to stabilise the load because they are more rigid. Cardboard angles do not scratch the protected product and are recyclable, making them an alternative to metal angles.

Different types of angles are made from solid cardboard, including isosceles, bent, notched, moisture-resistant, printed, etc. They can also have different dimensions, appropriate to the subsequent use.

They show good resistance to moisture and can therefore be used in cold stores or freezers. They can effectively cope with harsh atmospheric conditions such as increased sunlight, precipitation and extreme temperatures. They are also resistant to mechanical damage.


Where are cardboard angles most commonly used?

Manufactured solid cardboard angles are used primarily as load stabilising elements during storage or transport. They secure the load by keeping it in a fixed, unchanging position. They can also protect the edges of pallets. They are often used for heavy goods. Cardboard angles can also add strength to the packaging in which the goods are stored by protecting the corners and edges from impact. They are used in a variety of industries, including but not limited to food, furniture, electronics and construction.


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