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papier w rolkach

Bobiny papierowe – zalety i zastosowanie 

Z pewnością nie trzeba nikogo przekonywać, że na rynku dostępnych jest wiele rodzajów wyrobów papierowych. Niektóre z nich są powszechnie znane, inne zaś już niekoniecznie. Do drugiej grupy należą między innymi bobiny papierowe, o których nie słyszy się szczególnie często. Czy wiesz, co to za produkt, gdzie jest najchętniej wykorzystywany oraz jakie ma najważniejsze zalety?

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How is recycled paper made?

Paper is a material that is used almost every day and in a variety of areas: from taking notes to packaging goods to hygienic purposes. However, there is increasing talk of the need to use recycled paper, a product that is made from waste and is environmentally friendly. No wonder, then, that recycled paper, also known as recycled paper, is becoming more and more popular every year. How is it produced? And why is it so important? We answer these and other questions in our article.

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paper production

How is paper cores produced?

Paper is a very versatile raw material. We all remember that it is used in large quantities to produce newspapers, books and notebooks. Every day we see cardboard and cardboard packaging in the shops, without which we can no longer imagine life. Paper is also used to make sleeves ('tubes') on which other materials - roll paper, stretch films, veneers, etc. - can be safely wrapped. What is the production process for such sleeves?

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paper production

Paper fluting. What is it?

People who do not deal with the paper industry on a daily basis are often surprised to learn how many types of paper are distinguished by professionals. One example is fluting paper, which most of us have had our hands on at least once in our lives, but would not be able to name it correctly. What exactly is it?

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How is paper made?

Although most people have dealt with paper from an early age, few know how it is made. At school, we were taught that it is made from wood, with the result that it is a good idea to use recycled paper for less important tasks. How exactly is paper produced?

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Learn about the different types of cardboard

Cardboard is a commonly used and also the thickest paper material. It is made by vaulting two or more layers of paper pulp (the more layers, the stiffer and stronger the cardboard). Cardboard is primarily divided into solid and corrugated. Both types are widely used in a variety of industries, most notably in the packaging industry.

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product loading

Properties and applications of solid cardboard

Cardboard is the thickest single- and multi-layered paperboard material. We can distinguish between two basic types: solid board and corrugated board. They differ not only in their construction and properties, but above all in their application. In this article we will focus primarily on solid cardboard, which is produced by TOP SA.

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newspapers and magazines

How is ecological recycled paper produced?

Did you know that the average person uses up to 50 kg of paper every year! More than 300 million tonnes of paper are produced worldwide each year. Nowadays, it would be impossible to obtain such large quantities of this material if it were not for recycling. From 1 tonne of recycled paper, up to 900 kg of recyclable paper can be obtained. It is therefore quite understandable that the field of recovered paper recycling is currently of great importance for the paper industry. In EU countries, approx. 70% of recovered paper in EU countries. It is a huge energy saver, a way of reducing water and air pollution, and an opportunity to protect trees. Thanks to current technological possibilities, fibres can be recycled up to three or four times while retaining their properties.

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Room renovation

Solid cardboard angles - the main advantages

Solid cardboard is a material that is used to produce a wide variety of components used in many industries. Amongst other things, it is used to create cardboard angle brackets with very good strength properties. Find out about the main characteristics of cardboard angles and examples of their use.

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